Zhang Yu Ming, CIO of Shine Hills Shopping Center, COFCO

Communicating with your team made us feel great before selecting your company as people traffic solution provider. We found your engineers are very professional in project implementation. , . In cooperation with NEC Fielding Information Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd., I feel the constant self-improvement of your employees and firmly insight into marketing trends. NEC Passer Counting System is in line with the trend of today's digital marketing. This system can provide us with sound data to conduct business reference. Hope that our cooperation can be deepened and have comprehensive cooperation with our headquarters, COFCO Land Holdings Limited.

Zhang Xue Bing, Senior Manager of Integration Operations, Lenovo Group

Our cooperation with NEC Fielding began in 2012, Lenovo was in the retail transformation at that time. We were interviewed with a lot of integrators. Finally, we chose NEC Fielding Information Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. as supplier. We think that the service offered by NEC Fielding Information Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd.is very professional for the retail industry. At present, our cooperation has three parts. The first part is the front end of the retail chain to the back end of the supply chain. The second part is the retail management system of 3C retail partner. The last one is the most important, passer counting system, this system can digitalize visitors traffic data of the retail shop, so that we can be very intuitive to conduct business assessment. We are very satisfied with your service capacity and speed of response.

Zhang Hui, CIO of Hualian Xin Guang Department Store (Beijing) Co., Ltd

With the advent of the digital age,customer demand and consumer habits have also changed. In order to meet the challenges of these changes we decided to deploy the passer counting system. After comprehensive study, we decided to cooperate with NEC Fielding Information Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. NEC passer counting system is very reliable, and intelligent. It can be carried out the people traffic identification in eight directions with powerful backend analysis and report software. Now we can get to know the peak and trough of passer flow, and have quantitative evaluation on the of shopping malls operation activities. In addition, NEC’s engineers are very responsible, bring us very satisfied service.

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